On Mon, 27 May 2002, Nick Hibma wrote:

> CONSPEED is used for both console and gdb. This is a bit awkward because
> it means that I have to run my kernel console on 9600 baud on my
> diskless box. The attached patch fixes this by introducing another
> variable GDBSPEED.
> The patch makes the default for GDBSPEED 9600, so anyone who uses a
> higher speed would need to set the variable to something sensible
> afterwards. Would that require an entry in UPDATING?

GDBSPEED should default to CONSPEED so that people who don't need it to
be different won't have to know about it.  The speed should also be the
one given by CONSPEED when the gdb port is the same as the console port.

> Is there any documentation that needs to be updated because of this
> change (I couldn't find anything that mentioned CONSPEED wrt gdb in
> either src/ or doc/)

I don't know of any.

> Any objections?

Quite a few.  Ones related to the above, plus ones involving the patch
being too large for a hack and having style bugs.  Comments on the patch
in private mail.


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