I'm using a derivative of the .gdbinit.vinum files that is available in
the modules/vinum directory. For them to work the following patch is
needed in gdb52.

As you can see, the patch is trivial, so I have no clue why this wasn't
left alone when they modified symfile.c. If I can be bothered I'll
submit it to them.


# diff -wu gdb-5.2/gdb/symfile.c~ gdb-5.2/gdb/symfile.c
--- gdb-5.2/gdb/symfile.c~      Tue May 28 15:51:37 2002
+++ gdb-5.2/gdb/symfile.c       Tue May 28 15:51:06 2002
@@ -1546,11 +1546,15 @@
       char *val = sect_opts[i].value;
       char *sec = sect_opts[i].name;

+#ifdef 0
       val = sect_opts[i].value;
       if (val[0] == '0' && val[1] == 'x')
        addr = strtoul (val+2, NULL, 16);
        addr = strtoul (val, NULL, 10);
+      addr = parse_and_eval_address(val);

       /* Here we store the section offsets in the order they were
          entered on the command line. */

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