On Tue, 28 May 2002, Jos Backus wrote:

> Every time I press ^C after su'ing to root which has zsh as its shell, zsh
> exits. According to somebody on IRC this is related to the PAMification of su.
> Strangely enough this does not occur when I replace zsh with bash (both from
> ports).
> Is anybody else seeing this? It's quite annoying.

Here is some old mail about this.  Sorry I slowed down Alexander's fixes.

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> >
> > I've been worrying about the corresponding extra process for login, but
> > haven't found any serious problems yet (for SHELL=bash).
> <SKIP>
> > I think you mean tcsetpgrp, not just setpgrp (tscsetpgrp is what sets the
> > process group for keyboard signals).  I'm surprised zsh doesn't call it.
> No I actually mean what I say. bash, ksh and our sh all call
> setpgrp(0, getpid()) at the startup time when they are running in interactive
> mode. zsh does not call setpgrp and that is the reason why it ends up in the
> same process group with its parent su process. This way when user pressed ^C,
> SIGINT signal is delivered to both, causing su to exit while leaving its child
> running. To operate properly, su should never exit _before_ the command it is
> running, and that is the reason why it should ignore termination signals while
> waiting for a child to complete.
> > Things are broken for SHELL=bash too.  Signals work right after su to
> > a passwordless account, but su to a passwordful account leaves signals
> > apparently blocked for both su and the shell (^C has no effect).  This
> > is the opposite of the problem with zsh.  There is an extra su process
> > even for passwordless accounts although there is no extra login process
> > for login to passwordless accounts.
> This is a different problem than one I am reporting.
> > I don't think this is the correct fix.  I would prefer the extra
> > processes to not exist.  Failing that, maybe su could do the [tc]setpgrp()
> > calls for the child.  It already does a tcsetpgrp() for the child if
> > the child gets stopped.  The corresponding code for the parent in login
> > is much simpler.  It is just "wait(NULL; PAM_END; exit(0);".  This is
> > too simple to be correct.  It doesn't return the child's exit status).
> > su.c also exits with a wrong value: it misuses the child's wait status.
> Yes, having two processed where there traditionally was just one is .. not
> convenient. As far as I understand, fork+exec is required solely to call
> PAM_EXIT do do a proper credentials cleanup, but unfortunately, I do not know
> how can it be done in any different way. Having su to call tcsetpgrp is useless,
> because it will effectively try to give control over the terminal to itself and
> presumably su's parent shell have already done that. Disabling signals so that
> su could never exit before its child because of keyboard related events seemed
> to me the most simple approach.
> > Bruce
> >
> If we'll agree on the exact stategy for fixing these problems, I am willing to
> work on that and submit patches for further review ASAP. ^C bug rates very high
> on my annoyance scale :)
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> E-Mail: Alexander N. Kabaev <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date: 14-Jun-2001
> Time: 09:58:10
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