I managed to make pccard device driver into loadable module.


To use this, 
1. Apply following patch.(diff from HEAD)
2. Remove 'pccard','pcic','pccbb','cardbus', 'card' 
   line from configuration file. 
3. Add following line to configuration file. (Should it be standard?)
device cardcom
4. Rebuild your kernel.
5. Move /sys/modules/ and build oldcard, pccbb, pccard, cardbus, pcic
module and install them.
6 Reboot.
7 If you want to use oldcard, type as follows in loader(8).
load oldcard
 Or if you want to use newcard with CardBus controller, type as follows.
load pccbb

 Unloading newcard may cause page fault.
 Loading both of them cause something bad.
 I don't check whether all pccard driver works well.

Have fun.

Takanori Watanabe

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