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> Being that -CURRENT's C++ compiler is b0rked, how long will it be until
> it's problems have been resolved?  I've seen many problems with it
> lately, and it kinda made me worried, almost to the point where I
> thought a re-install from the 4.5 release would be appropriate.  

Short answer, when it's ready. Long answer: David is making a very good
job with the update of gcc and related tools, give him the time needed.
IMHO, the stuff David is dealing with is total PITA, so be grateful he
is doing it, I can't think of a better person to do it right now.
-CURRENT is not for the weak, if you run it be ready to find broken
stuff, from minor things in buildworld to total breakage, but the
handbook already warns you about that, right? :-) FWIW, I've found last
weekend's -CURRENT to be perfectly usable, but, as always, YMMV.

My 0.02EUR is, if it's not a production box, and you want to play with
new stuff and don't mind the (lack of) stability and think you can
(possibly) help with debugging, go for -CURRENT, the more people who
test it, the better, else keep running -STABLE.

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