:When you make the code more readable, you introduce further diffs, and you
:leave no reference against the original code of where the functional changes
:are.  Either make the "base" code cleaned up by committing non-functional
:changes first, or commit against the "base" code your functional changes,
:and then clean it up.  Otherwise, it's a pain in the ass to sort things out.
:And for what it's worth, I'm all for readability improvements in our code, I
:just also like to go and view diffs sometimes and try to figure out what's
:But I think you're also right on the rule of thumb thing, if someone does not
:want to do this favor to everyone who might want to read diffs or annotate
:changes to the code and get something meaningful, that's fine.  I've done it

   Oh come on, that is not what I meant at all and you know it.  What is
   this junk about 'not wanting to do this favor to everyone'?  I never
   said that.  I didn't even come CLOSE to saying that or infering that.
   It is complete and utter bullshit and a severe... nay, *EXTREME* twisting
   of what I said.

   You missed the point entirely.  Go back and READ WHAT I WROTE.  I made
   it pretty damn clear.


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