Hi !

I am starting to be developer on Fbsd and sometime I was working on 5.0, 
then I stopped because of lack of time, and after a while I couldn't build 
no more, so I decided to reinstall my development environment.

Install went OK, but startup didn't. I know excatly where the problem is. I 
am using VMWare workstation on Win2000, and on compile of kernel, I must 
change one line in one source file... Problem is that install installed DP1 
version of kernel which is normal, so my computer won't start. Is there any 
way to make some 4.4 boot disks so that I could start system build new 
kernel and then start again. I tried with PicoBSD system, but I couldn't 
get it to work. Original version is just 3-BETA, which doesn't support 
disks I use (I use ad, 3 supports wd).

Please, any help will be appreciated so that I can continue with my work.

Thanks in advance

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