Do we have anyone working on the VM system that could look at this?

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You're somehow still running qmgr code that speaks the protocol
from before 20020514.

To find the file,

    # find / \( -name qmgr -o -name nqmgr \) -ls

But you may not find this file.

After upgrading Postfix I very, very, occasionally find that FreeBSD
will execute a new process from an old file that was just replaced.

Postfix always installs executables by using "mv newfile oldfile".
At this time, the old file may still be executing, and the parent
process is always executing (the Postfix master daemon).

I suspect an obscure VM system bug. "postfix reload" does not seem
to cure this condition. The problem goes away after "postfix stop"
then "postfix start", which terminates the parent process.

This has happened to me only twice over the past year. My server
and workstations run FreeBSD versions 4.1 - 4.4. I haven't found
the time and energy to debug this.

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