On Fri, May 31, 2002 at 10:54:54AM -0500, David W. Chapman Jr. wrote:
> I'm running windows XP and vmware 3.1.1 with a guest os of FreeBSD 
> 4.5 which I'm going to upgrade to -current.  I couldn't find too much 
> info on this thread.  Does anyone know if vmware3 is affected by this 
> problem when using a windows host os?
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  As I mentionned several times now in this thread, I am running VMWare
  3.1.1 with a host OS being Windows2000 and a guest OS, -CURRENT.  I am
  doing this on my laptop so that I can "trick" -CURRENT into playing
  with my PCMCIA network card that is not supported but that works when
  used through VMWare due to VMWare emulating a LANCE type (lnc) card.

  Here are the issue I ran into with -CURRENT as guest, and what I've
  done to solve them so far:

  1) Issue: -CURRENT installation boots, kernel boots, sysinstall
  starts, but newfs-ing on partitions is EXTREMELY slow.
  Solution: Don't use the VMware 'virtual disk' thing backed with a file
  on the host OS.  Instead, create a separate partition for FreeBSD and
  install there.  Disk access is quite a bit faster.

  2) Issue: sysinstall now can newfs easily/quickly, it starts the
  install on / first, but eventually slows down to a crawl (the rate
  sinks to something ridiculous, like 0.5K/s.
  Solution: Haven't figured it out yet.  My plan is to:
     (i) Re-install -CURRENT snap in the separate partition but not
     through VMWare (i.e. do it the "normal" way).
     (ii) Boot -CURRENT normally
     (iii) Rebuild kernel without cmpxchg instruction (cpu I386_CPU, or
           whatever the name of that option was).
     (iv) Boot host OS windows2000, start VMWare, and try booting the
          installed -CURRENT with the new cmpxchg-free kernel via

  I hope this at least improves the speed situation.
Bosko Milekic

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