On 02-Jun-2002 kai ouyang wrote:
> Based on the explain of the thread: struct proc *td_proc; /* Associated process. */ 
>in the struct
> thread.
> and refer to the CCD code.
> I modify this function as following:
> int raidlookup(path, td, vpp)
>  char   *path;
>  struct thread *td;
>  struct vnode **vpp; /* result */
> {
>  struct nameidata nd;
>  struct vnode *vp;
>  struct vattr va;
>  struct proc *p;
>  int     error, flags;
>  /* Sanity check the p_fd fields.  This is really just a hack */
>  p = td->td_proc;

So it dies here?

> Now the system will be crash , when it excutes the "p = td->td_proc".
> the system Information is :
> kernel: type 12 trap, code=0
> Stopped at raidlookup+0x19: movl 0(%eax),%ebx

Hmm, can you get the 'faulting va (virtual address)' error message that it
prints out?

Add a line to the beginning of the function as a sanity check that does:

KASSERT(td != NULL, "thread is null");

and compile your kernel with invariants and see if it panics with
"thread is null".


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