As you might know GNU Tar in the base system is way too outdated (it
wasn't updated since year 1993). This causes many problems, e.g.
inability to extract POSIX.1 tar files, limitation on major/minor
device numbers, unability to archive/extract files with names more
than 100 chars long etc. I've merged all applicable local bugfixes,
new features and hacks into the most recent version (see
ports/archives/gtar/files) and ready to import it.

However, before proceeding I would like to get an advice with regard
to the most appropriate procedure for doing the upgrade. The problem
is that old version of tar was just cvs add'ed, not imported, so that
it is unclear how to to do it. Main questions:

1. Would it be feasible to use src/contrib/tar for vendor's files,
instead of current src/gnu/usr.bin/tar? If yes, would the repo-copy be
necessary and how to add new files on top of old ones (cvs add vs cvs

2. How to apply local hacks? I have a prototype, which stotes patches
as diffs and applies them during build phase, but it looks really
ugly. However, as I hope to integrate at least some of them into the
official GNU Tar distribution, so that it would be nice to avoid
taking files out of vendor branch.

Any ideas/hints are appreciated.


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