I've done another package build run under a recent 5.0-CURRENT.
Things are not good: only 45% of the ports in the ports collection are
actually building, compared to a build rate of over 90% on 4.x.

The biggest chunk of damage comes from the XFree86-libraries failure
reported here already; apart from that there's a lot of breakage from
the following causes (not in any real order):

* (lots of ports) The new C++ compiler deprecated a lot of headers by
  moving them to a different directory: this breaks a heck of a lot of
  ports).  IMO we should be searching this directory by default.

* (lots of ports) The new C/C++ compilers caused the usual round of
  breakage of marginal code.

* (>27 ports) The <machine/soundcard.h> header was moved, breaking 

* (>35 ports) Something caused sys_nerr to change prototypes.  It looks
  like this might be because the definition of __const from
  <sys/ctypes.h> has changed, but I can't see why.  See for example


* (>20 ports) Recent changes to bsd.*.mk have broken a lot of ports,
  namely those using the ${INSTALL} macros, but also other ports which
  used their features.

* (>19 ports) There are still a lot of ports broken by old stdio
  changes that redefine stdin/out/err.  For example:


* Assorted other breakage I haven't enumerated

For the full list of breakage, see


I think src committers need to start taking more responsibility for
the effects of changes they make to the base system, and fixing ports
which are broken by changes they make.  It seems like ports committers
are not able to keep up with the rate at which ports are being broken
by -current changes: if this keeps going we'll end up shipping a
5.0-RELEASE which has only 3 working packages.


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