On Mon, Jun 03, 2002 at 04:17:14PM -0700, Terry Lambert wrote:

> How long does it take to build world + all ports, vs. just "world",
> if what you are doing is building everything, not caring about
> correcting ports dependencies?  E.g. not serializing through the
> ports build farm process?  Is it reasonable to maybe set aside a
> machine that you can use to build everything together, and then
> automatically sort out things like header changes?  Headers seem
> pretty fluid right now... 8-(.

A full package build (>7000 ports) takes about 8 hours on the i386
package cluster.  It's easy for me to test patches, but it involves
building a new chroot tarball so it's slightly non-automatic.  I'm
happy to do it though.

Anyway, I'm not so much complaining about the ports being broken as
the committers who cause the breakage throwing up their hands and
saying "Not my problem that I broke 100 ports!".  I think it's only
responsible for people who commit major changes to deal with the
entire fallout of the change, not just getting the src tree building
again.  I'm not even complaining very much about this, because for the
most part committers *are* willing to help deal with the ports fallout
of their changes.  It's just something I wanted to remind people to
think about.


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