On Tue, Jun 04, 2002 at 07:52:19PM -0700, walt wrote:
>  >> ...it tells me at
>  >> the end that all the files I told it to install remain
>  >> for me to merge by hand.
>  > Read the messages more closely and you should see one about
>  > perl not being installed.  mergemaster tries to use perl,
>  > but can't use it even if it is installed since it is not
>  > in $PATH.  /usr/bin/perl prints a misleading message when
>  > perl is installed but not in $PATH.
> Aha!  After doing 'use.perl port' it works again, thanks.
> Looks like this is going to be necessary after each
> buildworld, then.  :-/

I thought that's what NO_PERL is for.


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