I was a bit stalked this morning by finding that my computer had tunrned
itself on 5-10 minutes after I turned it off to go to bed last night :) 
I turned off, and it turned itself back on again.

I have turned off most "wake up" events in the BIOS, but "Wake on PCI"
is set to AUTO, meaning that the operating system decides wether this
should be enabled or not.

I have both a ISDN card (Asuscom 128 PCI, iwic driver) and a Ethernet
card (3COM 590, xl driver) that could be triggered to wake up the

But this has never happened before, so I guess some changes (ACPI?) has
caused FreeBSD to enable this feature.  Anyone know anything about this?

I'm running an HP Vei8, PII 400 MHz box and FreeBSD-CURRENT built one or
two days ago.

Frode Nordahl

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