[ I'm replacing -hackers with -arch for reasons that are clear below. ]

On Thu, 6 Jun 2002, Giorgos Keramidas wrote:

> Hello dougb & all,
> Here's a patch that removes all trails of Perl usage from mergemaster.

Your work looks good, but I wish you'd asked before embarking on it. My
current plan is actually to import netbsd's stat(1), which will solve this
problem very neatly. I was hoping to do it sooner than now, but some
family business, and a dead hard drive interfered with that plan. I am
reasonably sure that I can get to it tonight.

NetBSD's stat(1) is very feature rich, compiles cleanly on -current, and
handled all the stuff I threw at it in semi-rigorous testing. I can't
imagine anyone objecting to the import, but here's your chance.

Meanwhile, my apologies to those -current users who've been
inconvenienced.... somewhate ironic considering my enthusiastic
campaigning to get rid of perl in the base. Mea culpa.

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