Martin Blapp wrote:
> > Why is it linked against a hacked 4.x libc, instead of an
> > unhacked 5.x libc?
> Because gcc31 and libstd++ and stlport are unusable for OpenOffice
> to build. Exceptions are broken. Optimazations are broken.

I think that if this is going to result in MFC's of things that
change the libraries for 4.6, that the update of the libc image
in 5.x for -compat is going to have to wait for 4.6-RELEASE.

I also think that it may mean another major version number change,
since there's aren't real minor version numbers any more.  8-(.

> If you like to help me you can fix:
> ports/devel/stlport
> so it doesn't coredump anymore doing the tests. Which means
> fixing gcc31 in CURRENT, since the package was build on STABLE
> with gcc31 from ports.

That last sentence is hard to parse unambiguously.

Are you saying that it breaks because of -current, or are you
saying it breaks because of the compiler change, or are you
saying that the compiler in ports is different than the compiler
that's now in 5.x?

Basically, you need to pin the problem down a little more than
"Somewhere in these 60G of download you'd have to do to repeat
the build".

As a note, I would ask if "DESTDIR" was being set or not?  It
may be that the reason it's working is that you are getting the
old compiler headers instead of the new ones, when you compile
it with the new compiler on -stable (I've noted this problem
before; the first time was in 1998).

-- Terry

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