* From Joshua Goodall <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> ... when I say "bad" I don't mean in execution. I mean that
> the idea of a redirecting wrapper for one special program seems to
> me an architectural wart that shouldn't be pushed on the userbase.

With no gain except supporting improperly-shebanged scripts.

We can use s/// in ports to fix shebangs, so there's not much excuse
there, and I'd rather have a tool using autoconf find the Real perl
than the wrapper, but to do this I have to deviate from the path I
normally use to prefer system utilities over local ones:
        /bin:/usr/bin:/usr/ucb:/usr/gnu/bin:/usr/local/bin:/a/pkg/bin: \

Can you spot all the places Perl might be there?  Can you now tell me
which one a ``wrapper'' for "the 'real' Perl" should look?  And what about
where autoconf scripts should find perl?
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