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>> I saw similarly bogus sector (block) numbers when I first debugged this
>> problem.  They were caused by missing prototypes.  32-bit block numbers
>> were passed to unprototyped functions that expected daddr_t block numbers.
>> When daddr_t was changed to 64 bits, there was garbage in the top 32 bits.
>> dump doesn't compile cleanly at a high WARNS level, so now would be a good
>> time to WARNSify it.
>That sounds like a good idea.  If someone else doesn't get there first,
>I'll take a look at that soon.  If nothing else, there's the plane trip
>down to SFO for USENIX.

Please, if you do so, do it relative to the UFS2 patch, there is little
point in making it harder for both yourself and Kirk than absolutely

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