Maksim Yevmenkin wrote:
> The problem is that as soon as i open isochronous pipe and
> start incoming isochronous transfer, the isochronous callback
> gets called over and over again. Both isoc. pipe and isoc.
> transfer have USBD_NO_SHORT_XFER flag set. I also set
> configuration #5 for interface 1. The funny part that device
> says that it got zero bytes from the pipe. It does not affect
> (or so it seems) the other transfers and everything still works.
> I also tried ugen driver with the same results. What is up with
> that?

Pipes are known to be broken.  There's a patch floating around that
works around the problem, but does not fix it.  The place to get it
is the IP telephony USB dongle thing for FreeBSD, from ports.  You
will need to look for it, since I don't have an exact location for
it, sorry.

-- Terry

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