In /usr/share/mk/bsd.*.mk, 'beforeinstall' target execute after install
on current.

You found it to doing below in current:

  % cd /usr/src/share/mk
  % make install -n
  install -c -o root -g wheel  -m 444 bsd.README bsd.cpu.mk bsd.dep.mk bsd.doc.mk 
bsd.files.mk bsd.info.mk bsd.incs.mk bsd.init.mk bsd.kern.mk bsd.kmod.mk bsd.lib.mk 
bsd.libnames.mk bsd.man.mk bsd.nls.mk bsd.obj.mk bsd.own.mk bsd.port.mk 
bsd.port.post.mk bsd.port.pre.mk bsd.port.subdir.mk bsd.prog.mk bsd.subdir.mk 
bsd.sys.mk sys.mk /usr/share/mk
  date '+%Y%m%d' > /var/db/port.mkversion

but, in makefile, 

          date '+%Y%m%d' > ${DESTDIR}/var/db/port.mkversion

beforeinstall target execute after install.

### I found it at installing portupgrade from ports. :-)

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