On Mon, Jun 10, 2002 at 09:18:32PM +0200, Szilveszter Adam wrote:
> Sorry David, but I experienced the same thing. No matter if I used the
> base system c++ compiler, or the latest gcc31 port. The problem is all
> the more interesting, because X worked for me fine, no matter what
> compiler I used to build it (with a few patches from the
> XFree86-4-libraries port) and libGLU is the only part of XFree that is
> wirtten in C++. If I specify -lstdc++ on the link line of any programs
> that use libGLU, it works (see xc/programs/glxinfo).
> My -CURRENT is from Saturday (8th), NO_CXX is *not* set.

me too. current from sunday, and i had to link libstdc++ manually to it,
for it to work. after that - no probs


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