On Wed, Jun 05, 2002 at 04:28:35 -0700, Shizuka Kudo wrote:
> The libncurses commit on May 21 seems not working
> properly. I cvsupped latest current & ports, build a
> typical ncurses app (lynx) and find that the first
> column is not shown correctly. Bascially it is blank

This bug reason now is known (thanx to Thomas). Peter, please upgrade to 
newer version to fix it.


That was a blunder which was fixed (in the 20020525 patch):

        + correct and simplify logic for lib_pad.c change in 20020518 (reported
          by Mike Castle).

        + fix lib_pad.c for case of drawing a double-width character which
          falls off the left margin of the pad (patch by Kriang Lerdsuwanakij
          <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>)


Andrey A. Chernov

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