On Wed, Jun 12, 2002 at 03:07:45AM +0200, Bjoern Fischer wrote:
> > PS : I've finished to merge diffs from OpenBSD last week, but diffs
> > w/ NetBSD are really big... so, be patient :P
> What about bin/35886?

already done using the NetBSD way. the problem is that they use
LC_TIME (hugh!) to pass the format string to strftime while
LC_TIME isn't suppose to contain any format strings but a locale
name. so, I don't know yet how to handle this case.  whatever,
I'm not sure that adding a yet another non portable option would
be good. how about using env var PAX_TIMEFMT instead ?

something is missing in the SUSV3 standard. -o can't be use for
reading (not extracting -- aka no -r nor -w) archive.
in other way, I would like to say something like this :
        pax -o freebsd.timefmt=... -f archive
but I can't w/o breaking the standard! grrr.

search for the VENDOR keyword in the the following URL for details :


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