Quoting Munish Chopra <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

| On Wed, Jun 12, 2002 at 06:14:24PM +0200, John Angelmo wrote:
| > Hello
| > 
| > I updated world yesterday afternoon now everything bootsup just fine
| > But after I have done dhclient and my card (rl0 or wi0) got an IP an I 
| > want to check it with ifconfig I get a total lockup this appens if I try 
| > to use startx after I have aquierd an IP
| > 
| > anyone got any idea?
| > 
| > /John
| This is currently being covered in another thread on this list (unless
| someone picks it up here again that is).

Today's current seems to be ok.  I had the same problem yesterday, booted
a 5 day old kernel, did a cvsup, made a new world and kernel, rebooted
and haven't had any problems, yet.


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