After some hacking work with others at USENIX,
KSE MIII is currently running pretty well on i386.
there seems to be a slight issue with alpha and ^Z
but it works fine for i386.  The test machine has not crashed
afer 2+1/2 hours of work at the moment. (not a lot but it's been this
stable for several months whenever I get it merged).

(If others are having crashes in very new -current, let me know)

Certainly if I can get either permission (to break) from those doing other
 architectures or patches for the few lines of assembler needed,
I want to commit tomorrow. (we have a general consensus here to do so)
I am about to stub out all the MD bits there that I can so there should be
minimal code needed for the Sparc-64 and ia64 ports. (and the others).

As soon as the other kernels can be compiled and boot I hope to commit.

See for more info

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