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* Kris Kennaway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2002-06-16 13:02]:
> Looks like the ${REINPLACE_CMD} patch didn't work:

> http://bento.freebsd.org/errorlogs/5-latest/rsync-2.5.5_1.log

Fixed in PR ports/39365.

But I am not very happy with that fix.

The problem is that sed(1) on -current fails with "sed -i.bak file", if
file.bak already exists, but perl does not. Since net/rsync/Makefile
uses 3 ${REINPLACE_CMD}s on one file (rsync.h), I have removed the
backup file with ${RM} file.bak between the calls.

==> ${REINPLACE_CMD} has different semantics on -current and -stable

Maintainer only using -stable won't be able to get that error and fix it
_before_ submitting.

The extension bak has to be hardcoded in the Makefile. This is not very
sexy, and after a change of ${REINPLACE_CMD} to something like sed
-i.orig this will fail again.

So, what about changing sed(1) on -current to unify semantics of

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