Terry Lambert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Martin Blapp wrote:
> > This looks ok to me. And like this we would only have to change one
> > file, Garrett is right.
> That's the first thing I said: "Garrett's right".
> David O'Brian had the point that there was a tools dependency that
> this imposes that maybe ought not to be there.  Since wchar_t is a
> reserved keyword in C++ according to the standard, I think that the
> synchronization of the size of the object when it's typedef'ed
> matching the size of the object manifest in C++, is FreeBSD's
> problem (hence my earlier comment about being screwed based on the
> wchar_t size).  It's annoying, but it's something that the OS
> pretty much has to eat.  The only workaround might be to size the
> type with config code in C++ to generate the header from a template
> (I don't like that).
> Personally, I vote for u_int16_t... Unicode 16 bit, vs. ISO-10646
> code page zero (other code pages aren't defined at all anyway, and
> it matches Windows, in case you want to use an ELF library from a
> Windows box, if you can figure out how).

 I noticed before that you mentioned you didn't want the
 wchar_t to be int-sized (i.e. 32 bits.)  I was just wondering

 If we "shrink" the size at this point, would that have some
 impact on existing programs.  (Currently, the typedef
 for `wchar_t' works down to an `int', if I'm not mistaken.)

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