I've released a new zero copy sockets snapshot, against -current from June
18th, 2002.


The fixes that went into this snapshot:

 - Take mutex locking out of ti_attach(), it isn't really needed.
   As long as we can assume that probes of successive ti(4) instances
   happen sequentially, we'll be safe in doing this.  Thanks to John
   Baldwin for pointing out the solution to that problem.  (The lock in
   ti_attach() was causing all sorts of WITNESS warnings when
   bus_setup_intr() was called.)

 - Added a new routine, vm_object_allocate_wait().  This is a variant of
   vm_object_allocate() that allows the user to specify whether the
   uma_zalloc() call inside vm_object_allocate_wait() is called with
   M_WAITOK or M_NOWAIT.  This eliminates a WITNESS warning caused when
   jumbo_vm_init() calls vm_object_allocate() with the jumbo lock held, and
   potentially gives other callers the option of eliminating the mandatory
   wait on the uma_zalloc() call.

   (vm_object_allocate() now just calls vm_object_allocate_wait() with the
   proper argument.)

With those fixes, plus several fixes that have gone into -current over the
past week or so, the zero copy sockets code runs without any WITNESS
warnings at all now.

Kenneth Merry

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