I've released a new zero copy sockets snapshot, based on -current from June
20th, 2002.


This fixes the following issues:

 - Use SLIST_FIRST() macros to access the first entry in a SLIST in
   uipc_jumbo.c.  I didn't fix all of these when Alfred pointed out
   the problem.  (Pointed out by Bosko Milekic.)

 - Remove superfluous TI_LOCK()/TI_UNLOCK() calls in the zero copy version
   of ti_newbuf_jumbo().  We already have the lock in all the places
   ti_newbuf_jumbo() is called.  (Prompted by Bosko Milekic.)

 - In the SIOCGIFMEDIA ioctl in ifmedia_ioctl(), avoid calling malloc()
   with M_WAITOK.  Return an error if the M_NOWAIT malloc fails.

   The ti(4) driver and the wi(4) driver, at least, call this with a
   mutex held.  This causes witness warnings for 'ifconfig -a' with a
   wi(4) or ti(4) board in the system.  (I've only verified for ti(4)).

Feedback and comments are welcome!

Kenneth Merry

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