In trying to recompile php-4.2.1 on my current -current system, to go
along with the new apache, I've run into some problems that haven't shown
up in all the other places I've had to recompile apache/php these past
few days which is why I'm here first instead of on the php lists....

I'm running -current with sources cvsup'ed from this morning (06/21, early
morning EDT).

Problem 1:

When running php's configure, awk core dumps several times.  I've yet to
determine exactly where the core dumps are occurring, though.  Four of
them occur during the configure; but the configure seems to complete OK.

Problem 2:

Compiling main/main.c I get the following errors:
main.c: In function `php_disable_functions':
main.c:157: warning: initialization makes pointer from integer without a
main.c:161: warning: assignment makes pointer from integer without a cast
main.c:164: warning: assignment makes pointer from integer without a cast

The relevant lines from main.c are:

154: static void php_disable_functions(TSRMLS_D)
155: {
156:        char *func;
157:        char *new_value_dup = strdup(INI_STR("disable_functions"));
xxx: snip comments
161:        func = strtok(new_value_dup, ", ");
162:        while (func) {
163:                zend_disable_function(func, strlen(func) TSRMLS_CC);
164:                func = strtok(NULL, ", ");
165:        }
166: }

No other OS's seem to complain about this, so why is freebsd?

Has anyone been successful getting php4 compiled on -current?


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