On Sun, 23 Jun 2002, Riccardo Torrini wrote:

> On 23-Jun-2002 (05:36:10/GMT) Bruce Evans wrote:
> > msdos doesn't exist in -current (it has been renamed to msdosfs)...
> Aarrgghh!  When it happens?  I'm sure to miss something but here

More than a year ago.

> mount_msdos works (and in my /etc/fstab I have msdos not msdosfs).
> Is a manual removal required or would be done by installworld?

Manual removal is required for most things in -curret, including this,
unless you reallly want to keep them.

> This means that I must remove also all non May 8 mount files,
> mount_{fdesc kernfs mfs msdos null portal umap union} ?

Yes.  Most of these were renamed a few days before mount_msdos.

> (yes, my world is from may 8 (pre gcc_3.1), I'm rebuilding it now)

Some of the mount(2) interfaces were finally broken by converting
to nmount(2) a few days after that.


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