I'm planning on checking in the zero copy sockets code Tuesday evening,
MDT.  If there are any concerns, I'm more than willing to delay it.

I've also released a new snapshot, based on -current from June 23rd, 2002:


The following changes went into this snapshot:

 - Added a zero_copy(9) man page that describes the general characteristics
   of the zero copy send and receive code, and what an application author
   should do to take advantage of the code.

 - Update the ti(4) man page to include information on the ioctl interface
   and the TI_JUMBO_HDRSPLIT and TI_PRIVATE_JUMBOS kernel options.

 - Added information to NOTES about the ZERO_COPY_SOCKETS, TI_PRIVATE_JUMBOS,
   TI_JUMBO_HDRSPLIT, MSIZE and MCLSHIFT kernel config options.

 - ti(4) driver cleanup:  cleaned up some unused code, commented out some
   stray diagnostic printfs, and added a problem describing the transmit
   flow control problem for posterity.

 - Added a new jumbo(9) man page that describes the jumbo allocator.

I haven't run this through the usual array of regression tests just yet,
but that will be done before checkin.

(I used the time to run through a buildworld and a LINT build instead.)

Feedback and comments are welcome.

Again, if there are any concerns, I'm more than willing to delay the

Kenneth Merry

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