Ollivier Robert wrote:
> Hello,
> I've upgraded my CURRENT system to a post gcc 3.1 world and I'm now unable
> to compile any C++ program that use the STL (incl. KDE 3.0.1). I happens
> with the system g++ 3.1 and the ports g++ 3.1.1 and with both a clean
> /usr/include/g++ and the old one (which has lots of older files due to
> CURRENT evolution). The weird thing is that my laptop, also running
> CURRENT, is fine.

You need a clean /usr/include. Remove the old one and 'make includes' in 
/usr/src. Please make also sure your ports-tree is up to date. I think 
you're using an old bsd.kde.mk.

Michael Nottebrock
"The circumstance ends uglily in the cruel result." - Babelfish

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