mark> /usr/sbin/sysinstall      * - fix - *

What should we do about sysinstall and perl5 package?  Options for the
solution may include:

1) Install perl5 package also if 'base' distribution is selected.

        pros: Nobody forget to install perl5 package.  /usr/bin/perl
              should work as like as 4-stable.
        cons: Users who want to have "perl-free" FreeBSD dislike it.

2) Use additional menu for "install perl5 package or not", if 'base'
   distribution is selected.  Install perl5 package if user selects
   "yes" to the menu.

        pros: Choices is available.  Maybe nobody forget to install
              perl5 package.
        cons: New menu sometimes confuses users.  Somebody request
              that "why only perl?  please add new menu for installing
              (your favorite application name here)."
3) New entry 'perl5' is added to the distributions list, just like
   base, compat4x, crypto, XFree86, etc.  Install perl5 package if
   perl5 package is selected.

        pros: Simple and obvious for users.  Also some meta-distribution
              (for example, 'User') may include perl5 explicitly.
        cons: Since there are only 32bit for distributions type, if we
              want to add COMPAT5X distribution in the future, these flags
              need to be re-organized.  Somebody requests that "why only
              perl?  please add (your favorite application name here)
              to the menu."

4) Do nothing.

        pros: Nothing to be done is a good news :-)
        cons: Some users may shout: "Help! where is my perl?"

5) (add your option here)

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Makoto `MAR' Matsushita

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