I'm glad to see that you have taken an interest in FreeBSD.
Unfortunately the -CURRENT branch is a development branch. This means it
it known to have many many bugs and is garaunteed not to be stable for
everyday use.
As an example, I installed the -CURRENT software two days ago and have had
crashes every few hours!
This branch is to help develop the next release of FreeBSD.

I would recommend you install the -STABLE branch (the most stanble) or
-RELEASE (fairly stable with the probability of a few bugs here and

Instructions for this and a lot of other good documentation on getting
started with FreeBSD can be found at:

I hope this help

Avleen Vig
US, originally UK, nativally India also :P

On Tue, 25 Jun 2002, Prasad Iyer wrote:

> Sir,
> I have recently downloaded freebsd Current Version. I am new to
> Freebsd. I am installing Freebsd from DOS media. During the
> installation it is not able to find bin directory I search your FTP
> site for this directory but wasn't able to find it. Can you please
> help me with this.
> Your early reply would be highly appreciated. As a programmer I am
> very restless.
> Thanks
> regards
> Prasad Iyer
> (india)

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