On 27-Jun-2002 Mark Peek wrote:
> At 7:50 AM +0200 6/27/02, Joerg Wunsch wrote:
>>As Mark Peek wrote:
>>>  >Hmm, so how to debug a kernel coredump?
>>>  You need to update your gdb52 port.
>>I can't find a newer one in CVS:
>>j@uriah 85% pkg_info -I gdb-\*
>>gdb-5.2_2           GNU GDB 5.2 developmental snapshot
> Very odd...here's what I get on my -current system:
># pkg_info -I gdb-\*
> gdb-5.2_2           GNU GDB 5.2 developmental snapshot
> current# gdb -k
> GNU gdb 4.18

That's not 5.2.  gdb52 is 5.2, as you probably know. :)  I've been
using gdb52 on kernels without -k, but I also haven't tried with a
core dump yet.


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