I am testing giga bits NICs with netperf,two machine have the same install,
but when I start netperf,using tcpdump to listen,the wscale is different.

giga# tcpdump -vv -n -i em0 -c 100
tcpdump: listening on em0
19:28:35.946808 > S [tcp sum ok] 
3414289560:3414289560(0) win 65535 <mss 15960,nop,wscale 
4,nop,nop,timestamp 336910 0> (ttl 64, id 12226, len 60)
19:28:35.946877 > S [bad tcp cksum 751c!] 
2862099494:2862099494(0) ack 3414289561 win 57344 <mss 15960,nop,wscale 
0,nop,nop,timestamp 346195 336910> (ttl 64, id 27150, len 60)

can anyone help me?


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