In a Sysadmin (Jan 2002) article, there is explained how to use Linux as a 
"router" using redundant network connections (DSL + dialup), as well as 
load balancing between the two.  I recall this required some special kernel 
configuration directives:


and the "iproute" toolset, which must be installed separately; and a few 
other changes.

I wonder if the same (if not more advanced) could be accomplished with FreeBSD.

Take for example, Company A who wants to provision a few sDSL 
lines.  Creating a FreeBSD gateway/router and load balancing the traffic 
amoungst that (with some careful ipf or ipfirewall rulesets) could be very 
effective, and a lot cheaper than provisioning a single pipe in some cases.

I wonder if anyone has accomplished this with FreeBSD-4.x or 5.x; and if 
they could share that info.


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