At 5:37 AM -0700 6/29/02, Juli Mallett wrote:
>I get identical output from dumpfs and libufs-dumpfs currently
>and I can toggle softdep flags fine with tunefs.  I'd like to
>commit this by the coming Tuesday as I will be out of town
>from Tuesday morning and will not have any way to further
>work on this, etc.

When do you get back into town?

If anyone asks for review on a Saturday, then I would hope
that they'd wait until at least Monday evening before doing
the commit.  And I don't think the project should be too
comfortable with the idea of developers making a commit just
before they head out of town.

Also, there was the big KSE commit this weekend, and it might
be prudent to let that settle in for a few days.

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