well afte a day I'm releatively happy..

there seem to be 4 bugs showing themselves..

plus one braino I just fixed..
(there was a bug where ps would panic the kernel
when it got to a zombie process because it tried to
print thread info but ther eis no thread).

in addition the following problems have been noted:

A machine doing REAL HEAVY work asn SWAPPING LIKE CRAZY
eventually paniced.

A machine has panic'd whendoing a killall during shutdown.
this MAY be related to teh one above re: Zombies but
it is not yet known.

Matt triggered a panic we put into the code and thought
we'd never see again.. I thought tomorrow was looking too empty..

I have one report that GNOME apps freeze and chew all cpu time..
(I'll bet it's signals.. I hate them) If this happens to you too let me

At least we still seem to have basic functionality..
I'm off to bed.. see ya in 8 hours!


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