* Juli Mallett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> escriuréres
> jmallett    2002/06/30 18:45:03 PDT
>   Modified files:
>     .                    modules 
>     .                    MAINTAINERS 
>     lib                  Makefile 
>   Added files:
>     lib/libufs           Makefile block.c inode.c libufs.h 
>                          sblock.c type.c 

I have not modified anything to use libufs yet, as there was some
objection to doing this when I am about to go away from my only
sit-down testing boxes for a period of time, and would be unable
to fix resulting breakage, however it is in tree, and I am confident
it works, now, and anyone is welcome (nee, invited) to convert
utilities to use it, or embrace and extend it.  In particular, if
someone who understands cylinder groups more than I do wants to
write a cylinder.c, to abstract the cg functionality, it'd be
totally wonderful.

Hopefully any build breakage (and there should be none, I've been
using this extensively here at home) will show up before I go out
of town on Tuesday.

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