Chuck Robey wrote:
> I've just finished going thru another medical session, this one took about
> 5 months, and because of the extended time spent away, I'm running 4.5
> (I've been running current since 1.1, this feels really odd).  I need
> a little bit of help (or advice, maybe) to get me back to current.

        Glad to hear you're feeling better. :) The bad news is that this is a
really terrible time to upgrade to -current. The KSE mark III update
just went in, so things are very unstable right now.

> I just finished cvsupping, and the main sources built just fine.  I
> installed a new config (static, the libs are now too old) and fixed all
> the changes in my config file, so now my kernel file configs .... but it
> doesn't build (breaks in 'make depend', I think in genassym).  I'm
> guessing that this is only one of a string of incompatibilities, in
> jumping from 4.5 back to current.

        At this point, the only way to build -current on a -stable system is
make buildworld; make buildkernel. Make sure that KERNCONF is defined in
        You'll probably want to read -current and cvs-all for a while before
you finish the upgrade though.... 



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