An Tue, Jul 02, 2002 at 10:50:43AM +0200, Sheldon Hearn schreib :
> On (2002/07/02 14:13), Sid Carter wrote:
> > Anything obvious I missed ?
> Yes.  You haven't been reading your mail. :-)
> There's known instability at present, that is believed to relate to
> changes made to libc_r in the last month, or to the recent KSE update
> and its impact on libc_r.


Yeah, I have been reading my mail.

Oh well..... No Wonder all that mail w.r.t KSE, just did not think that these
both were related. which case I wait for all that is
wonder....even gnome2 refuses to start ;)

I've known him as a man, as an adolescent and as a child -- sometimes
on the same day.

Sid Carter                             FreeBSD oder Debian GNU/Linux.

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