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>lian Elischer writes:
>>The big problem at the moment is that something in the 
>>source tree as a whole, and probably something that came in with KSE
>>is stopping us from successfully compiling a working libc_r.
>>(a bit ironic really).
>Is the new
>       (elm)->field.tqe_next = (void *)-1;
>in TAILQ_REMOVE a likely candidate? That could easily tickle old
>bugs in other code. The libc_r code does use a lot of TAILQ macros.

>From casual inspection of the sources, it appears this may be the case:

    #define PTHREAD_WORKQ_REMOVE(thrd) do {                                 \
            TAILQ_REMOVE(&_workq,thrd,qe);                                  \
            (thrd)->flags &= ~PTHREAD_FLAGS_IN_WORKQ;                       \
    } while (0)

uthread/uthread_kern.c (in multiple locations):
        TAILQ_FOREACH(pthread, &_workq, qe) {


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