I have some new numbers.  I finally was able to run the test on
    -current with an SMP build.  All the results are below.  It seems to
    confirm my hypothesis that the new cpu-hungry gcc is the main source
    of the timing differences.

                                        Matthew Dillon 
                                        <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

    Things to note:

    * sys time is an approximate indicator of I/O and matches-up fairly
      well between -stable and -current, indicating that the builds on
      -current and -stable are doing approximately the same amount of I/O.

    * differences in sys times for SMP vs UP tests are a fairly good
      indicator of reduced efficiency under SMP, a metric we may be
      able to use in future tests.

    * user times are consistent comparing SMP & UP under current and a good 
      indication that -current is timing the processes properly.

    * massive differences in user times between -current and -stable is
      a fair indication that the new GCC on -current is the cpu-cookie-monster
      culprit and also responsible for masking I/O improvements from 
      softupdates (which remains relatively fixed between -stable and
      -current tests).  There's nothing wrong with softupdates.

#!/bin/tcsh -f
# (all tests run on a DELL2550 2xCPUx/1.1GHz P3s)

cd /usr/src
mv ~dillon/bwtest.out ~dillon/bwtest.out.bak
( /usr/bin/time -l make -j 5 buildworld ) >>& ~dillon/bwtest.out
( /usr/bin/time -l make -j 5 buildworld ) >>& ~dillon/bwtest.out
( /usr/bin/time -l make -j 5 buildworld ) >>& ~dillon/bwtest.out

current, without softupdates (SMP BUILD):
    2760.07 real      2514.37 user       777.96 sys
    2705.11 real      2507.46 user       784.09 sys
    2697.63 real      2513.73 user       778.65 sys

current, with softupdates (SMP BUILD):
    2358.11 real      2511.09 user       777.87 sys
    2330.06 real      2512.97 user       781.82 sys
    2335.10 real      2516.46 user       781.29 sys

current, without softupdates (UP BUILD):
     3361.70 real      2365.23 user       535.50 sys
     3451.55 real      2368.22 user       537.26 sys
     3454.85 real      2369.42 user       536.69 sys

current, with softupdates (UP BUILD):
     3122.30 real      2360.70 user       532.54 sys
     3083.17 real      2361.14 user       529.53 sys
     3085.05 real      2361.59 user       529.32 sys

                        FOR REFERENCE (builds on -stable)

:       (original tests under -stable)
:test1# cat x1          (SMP BUILD, STABLE, WITH SOFTUPDATES)
:     1497.09 real      1397.98 user       612.06 sys
:     1500.12 real      1399.33 user       609.79 sys
:     1494.82 real      1398.30 user       612.46 sys
:test1# cat x2          (SMP BUILD, STABLE, WITHOUT SOFTUPDATES)
:     2449.14 real      1401.34 user       625.54 sys
:     2389.75 real      1400.38 user       629.86 sys
:     2358.82 real      1403.26 user       624.93 sys

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