: > >  > 
: > > 
: > > This is nearly 100% for me.  But only on MP boxes.  On my uniprocessor
: > > alpha, things work just fine.  Oh.. hmm.. I'm not sure if I have
: > > witless compiled in there.. 
: > 
: > which is almost 100%,? the ^Z killing the process, or ^C killing the
: > machine?
:^C killing the machine.

    How are we doing on IA32?  I've successfully run 9 buildworld -j 5's
    so far with a SMP build of -current.   I'm going to run a bunch more
    and then I'll switch to testing signals (a buildworld only generates 4 or
    5 signals over the entire build so it isn't a good test for signal-related

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