Sorry to answer myself, but after a bit of free time to reflect on
this, I may as well talk back at myself.  I wrote:

> Am I the only one getting duplicated #include lines in the generated
> ioctl.c file, created as part of building usr.bin/kdump?


>       27 #include <cam/scsi/scsi_pass.h>
>       28 #include <cam/scsi/scsi_ses.h>
>       29 #include <cam/scsi/scsi_targetio.h>
>       30 #include <cam/scsi/scsi_pass.h>
>       31 #include <cam/scsi/scsi_ses.h>
>       32 #include <cam/scsi/scsi_targetio.h>

> However, there seem to be significant differences between the two
> generated ioctl.c files (including another duplicated disklabel.h line).

Yow.  A clue, that points to:

>  ...  Or might the
> fact that I'm using a unionfs mount over /usr/src have something to
> do with it (since disklabel.h appears twice with `ls' since I needed
> to hack it in the upper unionfs layer)...

It is.  There's a shadow `scsi' directory that appears under -current
(at least, that I'm still using) with a unionfs mount under `ls' twice,
and gets traversed twice as well by the `find' that I should have noted
had I had the time to pay attention to the mkioctls innards, leading to
the duplicate inclusions.

So I've added a `sort -u' into the `find' pipeline in hopes of quenching
the duplicated includes that appear due to this imperfection of the
unionfs.  We'll see how it goes...

The only way anyone else *might* see this is if they too do a unionfs
mount, to keep an unmolested /usr/src around while still allowing
one to hack on bits and pieces of it with local customizations, like
my hack to mkioctls...

Sorry for the noise, but in case anyone else might see such a thing,
I thought I'd put this into the archives

And, in fact, I've successfully built `kdump' as part of my normal
`buildworld', so it seems as if I may even be well on the way to a
successful build of -current.  Yay.

barry bouwsma

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