Quoting Kenneth Culver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

 | > I'm running a uniproc. box at work with -CURRENT and over 4-5hrs, wired
 | > grew from 50megs (when I first time checked) to 141megs (now). Dunno if
 | > this normal, but it has kept growing.
 | OK, I don't see it happening here on my uniproc box, I havn't tried on my
 | SMP box, I guess my sources aren't new enough. ;-)
For informational purposes:

top on one of my machines with 512M memory shows:

Mem: 213M Active, 182M Inact, 3038M Wired, 19M Cache, 61M Buf, 2756K Free
Swap: 1024M Total, 68K Used, 1024M Free

There is something that I just don't understand with the 3038M Wired? 

my laptop with 256M is now showing an hour after a reboot.

 Mem: 157M Active, 36M Inact, 512M Wired, 10M Cache, 35M Buf, 11M Free
Swap: 1024M Total, 1024M Free

both with yesterday's build - kernel and world.


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