4th July 5pm CET, with world and kernel from 11am 3rd July, after a 
couple of hours runtime, doing mainly xchat and Mozilla, I got these stats:

Mem: 73M Active, 221M Inact, 210M Wired, 1128K Cache, 61M Buf, 136M Free
Swap: 512M Total, 512M Free

I started a buildworld, then I aborted somewhere in buildworld when gcc 
was being compiled. That were the stats then:

Mem: 82M Active, 284M Inact, 873M Wired, 29M Cache, 61M Buf, 17M Free
Swap: 512M Total, 512M Free

( I aborted coz my holidays start right now. :) )
But the buildworld increased Wired about 663megs, I don't think this is 
normal, right? I will restart a buildworld over ssh when I'm home with 
the new vm-glue.c, so see if it raises that high again.



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